The name of the project comes from the residential complex in which the apartments are located.
This project has a history of 6 years.
The clients turned to the studio with a request to make an apartment layout for the developer, then they ordered a complete design project.
By that time, the family was small, parents and a daughter. We made a layout, we got a spacious nursery, a bedroom and a joint kitchen - dining room with a living room, a bathroom and a dressing room.
Unfortunately, the house could not be put into operation for a long time, and construction work did not begin. Only 4.5 years later, customers again recruited us with a willingness to start repairs. But during this time, two more children appeared, so something had to be reworked for new needs and an enlarged family. Since the customers were in love with the project, almost everything except the kitchen and bathroom was left according to the old project. The bedroom has a bed for a child with disabilities.
The color scheme of the apartments is quite calm, but with depth, which is given by the complex purple hue of the sofa, wood-like kitchen fronts, anthracite quartzite worktops, veneered doors and dark gray baseboards.