When the customer and I first met at the facility, we immediately saw great potential for the implementation of our plans in a building built in 1964 near a sports stadium, in a park in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. The former showers and changing rooms for volleyball players were abandoned and were not used for many years. The customer has been engaged in SUP surfing for several years and dreamed of creating a sports school, a shop and a cafe to promote this sport in Ukraine. Thus began the history of the White Rabbit Surf Cafe.
Since the budget was limited, a concept was needed that satisfies the minimum cost of implementation. Having dismantled the walls, a layer of plaster, tiles and linoleum, the excellent texture of the old brick and the imprints of the tile itself were revealed. It was decided to leave the walls natural, covering them with white paint. All windows were dismantled, almost the entire blank wall was knocked out to install a large stained-glass window with access to the terrace and a view of the Southern Bug River. The floor was filled with concrete and varnished.
According to the designer's sketches, all wooden furniture made of ash, as well as metal structures, were made to order by local craftsmen. White chairs, armchairs, a coffee table and decor were ordered from Ukrainian manufacturers.
The room is conditionally divided into 2 parts - a cafe area and a SUP shop where you can rent or buy SUP boards and oars.
The cafe has a special atmosphere in winter, when a fire is lit in the fireplace and the smell of firewood is mixed with fresh pastries and coffee.
On the street, steps and a ramp for wheelchairs were poured from concrete, a platform in front of the entrance, and a light, spacious terrace made of metal and wood was designed. In summer, bean bags are placed on it, and sun loungers are placed closer to the river.
Also, White Rabbit hosts art evenings, exhibitions of artists, concerts of live music and poetry.